Monday, 13 May 2013

Lilly's 40/41st Week Of Life

* We bought Lilly a cheap little ball pool from tesco to see how she liked it and she loved it! 

*I have been wanting to take Lilly on the swings for ages but the weather hasn't always been on my side so we finally got the chance to take her and she loved it and started making "eeee" sounds! So cute!

*I bought Lilly some "stunner shades" haha in the form of peppa pig so she can be like mummy, lets face it like summer hats and socks they end up throw on the floor but look too cute. This picture makes me laugh as it looks like she is saying "five times you put these on me, five mummy"

*When i said to my fianc√© can you get us some "tip-tops" he didn't have a clue what i meant. It was really warm outside last week so i put Lilly in her cute little play suit and we sat outside in the sun and she tried a "tip top" 

*Lilly's face every time i tried to put sun cream on her

*Sitting in the sun on another sunny day and although the sun glasses didn't stay on longer than 10 seconds her hat did!

*At the swings again! I think I'm going to buy her one for the back garden for her birthday as she loves them so much!

Hope everyone had a great weekend 



  1. Very sweet pictures <3

    I stumble onto your blog and fell in love with your design! So much pink! As it should be, haha!

  2. LOVE your layout/design.
    & your daughter is beautiful!!! So cute!!!

  3. Aaaaw, she is adorable!! I just came across your blog by accident but im so glad i did!! And your design is beautiful!!