Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Whats In My Change Bag & Youtube

Hi ladies! I hope your all having a fab week so far! I have been so busy these past few days and today i had to take Lilly for her hearing checkup, as she was born with jaundice and had to have antibiotics she does have to have regular blood/hearing checks but she has perfectly fine hearing. Yesterday i decided to film my first you tube video aghhhh! I have been wanting to do it for ages and finally decided to sit down and do it! I thought i would share with you what i carry with me and m "essentials" for Lilly on a day to day basis.

The change bag I'm currently using is from Pink lining and i have already done a full review on here so i wont go into the bag itself too much but its a cream bag with purple bows on it and is a great change bag.

Change mat
This change mat came free with my change bag and i would highly recommend all new mums to get a change mat to put in your change bag as they do come in handy, especially in those public change rooms to lay down before you put your baby down or even when you visit friends and family.

Change of clothes, bibs & hat
I always carry a change of clothes with me and a onsie is permanently in my bag because if any accidents do happen its always handy to have. As my family live a bit of a distance from me i like Lilly to be comfortable and if were travelling back late i put her in the onsie and she can sleep in her car seat and i can lay her straight down in her cot to sleep. I'm one of those people who is always late and rushing to get things at the last minute and always forget things so keeping a onsie in my bag at all times is a good idea for me. This hat has been in my bag for a while because the weather is so temperamental and its there just in case i ever need it. Bibs, always need bibs! These ones are cute little cowboy style ones from next again like the onsie i always keep at least one in my bag.

Formula container
I have no idea what the proper name is for this but if you formula feed your baby this is a must. It has three compartments that you put the amount of scoops you need in and close the lid and carry a bottle of just water and mix when needed as formula can only be kept for 2 hours max. Even if you don't formula feed this can be used for snacks. I didn't have any snacks in my bag yesterday but i do carry some and when i stop formula feeding i will fill it with snacks. I do also obviously carry bottles but i used them before taking the pictures.

Hand Sanitiser
I'm always sanitising and washing my hands and with a baby i think its important to do that this one is from soap and glory and it smells D.I.V.I.N.E if you love soap and glory this is another must!

Good ol' sudocrem. I think mums have used this for years and my mum used it and i use it every day when changing Lilly's nappy. I prefer sudocrem to any other nappy rash cream and although Lilly doesn't have redness i think it acts as a barrier and i like to always use it.

Always always have nappies with me, i fill them up every few days so I'm never without. This bag has two pockets for nappies and can fit 5 in each. The brand i use is pampers active fit. I find pampers to be the best brand out there for me and Lilly.

Little Angels Nappy Sacks.
I love these nappy sacks. They are from asda, they are cheap and cheerful and do the job a nappy sack should do. I like that they are in a packet that has a lid which opens and closes and they smell really nice too.

Johnson's Sensitive Baby Wipes
I always carry baby wipes, not just for nappy changing but for wiping hands and mouths after eating. I have to use sensitive wipes with Lilly and i love Johnson's wipes but as i have said before the whole Johnson's range irritates her skin so i cant use normal ones but these seems to be OK at the moment. I have tried huggies wipes and they are the worst wipes out there! They seem to fall apart when using them. I also tried pampers which were OK but i didn't like the smell and simple which are great but too thin.

I have always got some toys in my change bag to keep Lilly occupied and when ever we do the weekly shop she seems to get a new one to keep her quite whilst i shop. Sophie is the perfect toy/tether (i have already reviewed it) and she goes everywhere with us.

I hope you liked this post and if you have done a similar post please link it in the comments :)
Have  a good day everyone 


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    1. Heyy Lotte!! thank you for following me and im glad you found me too :) xx

  2. What a cute post! I've been wanting to do this... I may just start on that! We carry a few of the same items! ;0)

    1. Id love to see it if you did, will keep my eye out for it ;) x

  3. I love the Yummy Mummy diaper bag! Adorable!

    1. All yummy mummy bags are so cute! x

  4. Lovely post :) I keep wanting to make videos..I blogged Rios birthday I'm just too chicken to post them


    1. I know what you mean I have been like that for years but I just think its one of those things you just need to do :) x