Friday, 12 April 2013

Sophie The Giraffe - Review

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Me and mike went out for a lovely meal yesterday with baby in  tow and my poor little girl is teething. When we were out Lilly got a little fussy at one point which was quickly helped by some cold cucumber (which she loves to gum) and a little Giraffe called Sophie, which gave me the idea to start doing "Mummy Mondays" I have been wanting to do them for a while and as I'm a mum and i love reading/watching Mummy Monday you tube videos i thought i would join in.

I am pretty sure she has two bottom teeth coming through at the same time but she wont let me have a look properly and puts her tongue over her bottom gums so its just impossible for me to have a proper look without forcing her and i don't want to do that. She isn't overly fussy and thankfully i am blessed with a very calm baby who really isn't too much hard work. I very rarely hear her cry, she will have a moan every now and then when she is hungry or tired but never that high pitched baby cry. Since she has started teething i can see her folding her lip over her bottom gums and she will start to cry which isn't nice for any mum however as soon as i give Lilly Sophie she instantly gums away and the crying stops.

Sophie if you haven't heard of her before is a Giraffe made for teething and stimulating baby's 5 senses, like me you may have bypassed it and thought its just another baby toy but oh no this is a must have for any mum. I bought Sophie for Christmas when Lilly was 5months and i honestly wish i bought her sooner. Its made from 100% natural rubber and non-toxic paint meaning its safe for teething. Most teethers are the standard plastic rings or links which Lilly does have but she prefers to bash those against things.

 The Giraffe shape is specifically made for babies to easily grasp hold of and the long legs and shape of them make it easy for your child to get to all places in the mouth including the ones at the side and back. This little Giraffe also squeaks in her stomach and head which helps with hearing and then when older helps for baby to make the link between the sound and where its coming from. The colours of her are also a contrast between dark and light which helps with newborns sight.

What i also really like about this is its flexible and soft not hard like other teethers and its also fun so if you are out and your little one gets in a bit of pain you can whip her out and it honestly helps. I don't go anywhere without Sophie and when i say to mike "wheres Sophie" my family and friends kind of look at me a little strange but i would say this is the best item i have bought. It retails for £12.99 in toys r us and its so worth the price! It would be a great gift for a baby shower and can be used from birth.

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