Friday, 12 April 2013

Pink Lining Change Bag Review

Hi ladies! I have noticed that alot of new mums or mums to be, read and follow my blog (which I'm very thankful for) and as a new mum myself i thought i would start doing "mummy posts" sharing my experiences with certain products, advice and general life as being a mum!

First post i thought i would do is on my yummy mummy pink lining change bag, every mum needs a change bag and when i first heard of pink lining i loved their bags and the concept of them, all their bags are lovely and they seem to have thought of everything you need!

I originally wanted the bag with the pink butterflies on the front but i couldn't find it anywhere, i then went into john Lewis and saw they had it with blue butterflies on the front and also red but then i spotted this one with the purple bows on the front and thought it was lovely and as everything of Lilly's is mainly pink i thought purple would be a bit of a change. This bag retails for £79.00 if you checkout their website you can find all the new season designs. The bag is really well thought out it has a sort of waxy feel to it which is designed to protect the bag from any spills or accidents so it doesn't get damaged and your able to just wipe it clean. when i first saw it i did wonder if it would fit everything i would need to carry around with me and honestly its like marry Poppins bag i can fit so much in it, i did use this for Lilly's hospital bag and it was perfect.

The from has pink linings famous "yummy mummy" logo with the cupcake which is really sweet and i love cupcakes so this was a win for me. Inside you can fit your mummy things, when i emptied it today to take photos i had all the gift cards Lilly had when she was born a sun hat and some makeup bits and bobs.

on the side of the bag there are two pockets which have a brown bow which stretch open, i think these are meant for bottles and drinks or snacks. I mainly use these for things i would need to quickly grab if were out and about, i put in there her muslin clothes, bibs spare socks etc you can put whatever you like in them.

Inside the bag is hot pink, Theres three pockets on one side of the bag, one of them is a zip pocket and then two loose pockets which i use to put in nappies, i can fit about 5 in each, on the same side is also a pen holder and a little clip to clip your keys to so you never loose your keys in your bag anymore!

On the other side are two insulated pockets where you  can put bottles to keep them cold or hot and these have been life savers on long journeys and really do work i would never buy a change bag without these, Also on that side is a pocket to put your phone into and a pretty pink mirror.

Another life saver for me is that it comes with a fold up change mat which has the yummy mummy cupcake sign on the inside, I'm not a fan of using the public change stations in case it hasn't been cleaned properly and there usually plastic and uncomfortable where as this answers all your problems. My family live a little way away from me so when i have had to travel down there and Lilly gets upset because she has a dirty nappy its great to pull over and lay it down on the back seat.

They have also provided a plastic bag for any dirty/wet clothes so they don't ruin everything else in your bag and a large strap which clips on the side to put over your shoulder which i find really handy and this it how i mainly use it.

Overall i think this is the best change bag i found and i searched through most of my pregnancy for one for the same sort of price and with all the extras but couldn't find one

Does anyone else have this bag or any other pink lining product? 


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  1. Lovely review :) I too have a Yummy Mummy bag but in the Pansies design. It is lush I love it! I just love everything about it and it makes me feel really nice because some changing bags are a bit grim. We're mums it doesnt mean we can't be yummy too lol
    Jen x (