Friday, 12 April 2013

Welcome to my new mummy blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new mummy blog I'm April and i have a daughter named Lilly who is now 8 months old. As some of you may know i write a beauty blog called the pampered pout (here) and every now and again i throw in something motherhood related and after speaking to some people they suggested i put my mummy things separately and keep that beauty based. I know some people don't like blogs that are a mixed bag and i want to write on my beauty blog about mummy things but don't want to bug my beauty readers so all my mum things can be found here.

 This is Lilly and me, a blog about, well Lilly and me (haha took so long to get that name huh) and will be a based on all things mum related, reviews on products i love, tips, advise, Lilly updates and general life things i have already moved some of my mummy posts over to this blog. I hope you like my new blog and if your interested in beauty things too check out my beauty blog i am still going to be writing my usual beauty posts there.

This is Lilly

And this is me!



  1. Great idea making the new blog. I will follow you and Lily through this blog :)


    1. Aw thank you Kerry! It just seems better to seperate the two and I feel I can post more mummy things now :) xx

  2. Love your blog, it's a great read, I'm also a mother and hope to document my little boy through my blog, hope I can do it as well as you have. Great Read.


  3. Lovely blog. Your daughter is so cute :) x