Monday, 29 April 2013

Cosatto Yo! Go Lightly Pushchair Review

Hi everyone! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. In my last post i said Lilly wasn't feeling too well and over the week her fever stopped but she started vomiting and having terrible diarrhoea and on Thursday she refused liquids which made her a little dehydrated and we had to take her to an emergency GP in the evening to make sure she was OK and to put my mind at rest. The doctor gave me a syringe and a sachet of something which i had to give her every 10 minuets for 16 hours but she is now all OK and back onto solids and milk.

Today i wanted to do a review on my new pushchair. I cannot tell you how long i have longed for this pushchair. Back when i was about 20 weeks pregnant i bought my first pushchair which was a travel system and i though would be fantastic a couple of weeks later i saw someone with a Cosatto yo go lightly stroller and fell in love with it. I have had nothing but issues with my previous pushchair. The main issue being that the button which had i have to press and slide down to collapse it most the time didn't work and the actual frame at the bottom would jam and not collapse, the amount of time's i have been stuck at the boot of my car trying to get the pushchair to close was terrible and i finally decided enough was enough and i would buy the pushchair i wanted.

I think when choosing a pushchair its like what choosing a new car to men would be. Cosatto are a really great brand, their designs are always different to the rest on the market and definitely stand out from the crowd. I aways notice a Cosatto pushchair just because the bright colours and designs are all so lovely. Whether you have a boy or a girl, twins etc they have a pushchair for you.

I purchased the Cosatto yo! go lightly stroller from Kiddie care as it seemed to be the cheapest i could find it as it does seem to be different prices in different places, its not cheap it was £240 but i think it was totally worth every penny.Its easy to fold up and down and most of the extras are fully removable. The seat moves from sitting up position to lying down by pulling/pushing a string at the back. Its also easy to control, i took this to the farm the other day and i had to park in a field and dreaded trying to push it over a field but it worked so well and its so easy, compact and looks stunning!

So, what features does the cosatto yo! go lightly have?
*Suitable from birth - 3 years
*Light weight aluminium chassis
*carry handle
umbrella fold
*front swivel/lockable wheels
*storage basket
*complete with footmuff and changing bag
*head hugger included
*weight 8 kgs
*folded size l 112 x w35 x h35cm
*raincover included

The thing that first made me notice the Cosatto Yo! was the stunning design. It has black and white stripes with a beautiful red bow on the hood and on the foot muff. It stands out in any crowd and in the small time i have had it I'm constantly getting compliments on it. It also comes with a reversible liner for summer and winter. The winter one is a fleece black and the summer is a really nice black and white polka dot design which looks so pretty with the design.

I drive the most inconvenient car that any mother should drive but i have to make it work so a small folding pushchair is a must for me. How to fold the push chair is very simple, you just have to pull up the red button on the side and push the one in the middle and collapse it and then there is a hook which keeps it compact and together. It also has a handle on the other side which makes carrying it from your car and lifting it into a boot really easy for a weakling like me. With the hood and foot muff on i did find it a little bulky but they are easy to remove if needed.

The handles are either side of the pushchair instead of the full bar across which I'm used to. The handles are lined and a easy to grip and make steering easy. The wheels are all easy to remove by simply pushing a button so if you need it to be a little smaller to fit in the boot, just by removing the front wheels it gives you alot more room and thy just click straight in. The front wheels swivel easily and are fully lockable. The brakes are at the back wheels. It has a brake on each wheel which you push down to lock and pull up with your foot to take them off.

Hood/storage basket
The hood attaches via Velcro and can be easily removed if needed. The only thing i wish this pushchair had was a "peep" hole so i could see Lilly as it only faces forward so i have to keep looking round to check on her. The storage basket underneath is ok, it can fit a few things in although i wouldn't recommend putting anything to heavy in.

Foot muff/head hugger
All these things come free with the pushchair which is fantastic! The foot muff looks so cute and is really thick and fleeced lined to keep your little one warm. At the top of the foot muff it has little hand pockets where you little one can put their hands in to keep warm in the cooler months. You can remove the foot muff and it is supposed to be easy, but the one on mine is really stiff which i guess with time it will loosen up so its not an issue. It also can be used from birth so it comes with a matching head muff, but i haven't used it as Lilly is now 9 months.

Rain cover/ change bag
Again these are both free. The rain cover is easy to attach and covers the whole pushchair. It comes in this little stripey bag which hooks on to the little hook on the side and i cant tell you how much this pleases me! I used to hate having to lug around a rain cover and most of the time i for got it and ended up being out and it raining and just being a nightmare. but with how Cosatto have designed this i just keep it on the side and its their for when i need it. The change bag matches the whole design and how the red bow, its a simple change bag and it also comes with a changing mat.

Over all i love this pushchair and if your looking for a new pushchair definitely look at Cosattos. I took this to the farm the other day and i had to park in a field and dreaded trying to push it over a field but it worked so well and its so easy, compact and looks stunning!



  1. Love that pushchair - was rally close to getting that one but went wit a maclaren in the end ;) nothing between them just got a good deal! Reckon this one looks nicer though x

    1. I know it's a hard choice between a great deal and a little pretty bow xx

  2. this looks so hightech and cute! any baby would be happy riding in that :

    1. It is so cute! Lilly loves it x

  3. The pushchair is gorgeous!

  4. I absolutely love this pushchair, I've been obsessed with it for ages and I'm currently trying to sell all of our other pushchairs so that I can buy that one lol great review xxx