Thursday, 27 March 2014

Polar FT4 // Review

Hello guys! I have really been into trying to live a healthier lifestyle lately and wanting to exercise and loose some weight just to feel happier in myself. I have been wanting a polar watch for a long time. My Instagram feed is full of photos of peoples workouts and showing how much calories they burned.

The nearest gym to me is miles away and with Lilly its easier for me to work out at home and outdoors. I do a lot of workout dvds and youtube videos. I also go for a lot of walks with Lilly and the dogs and we also have a mini gym set up at home with a cross trainer etc which does have a little calorie thing on it but it doesn't work properly and I don't feel it gives a correct track. Knowing how many calories I have burned some how pushes me to work harder, I have a number of calories I want to burn and If I don't reach it I work harder and the polar FT4 is perfect to show me how many calories I have burned.

Polar has various watches which do similar things. I decided to buy the FT4 mainly because it is the cheapest and does everything I want it to do. The Polar FT4 retails at 69.99 here which admittedly I thought was maybe a little expensive for a calorie tracker/heart rate monitor but im glad that I bought it. The polar FT4 comes in a little black box and is available is various colours. It comes with a heart rate monitor and strap which is slightly elasticated the you clip around just under your bra line and attach the monitor. Under the strap does have to be slightly damped to work properly and doesn't feel uncomfortable but when I have a sports bra on its a little awkward.

When you first set up the watch it is set to your personal stats to get a correct reading of calories. The screen Is simple and clear and just looks like a normal watch with date and time. When the side buttons are pressed it bring up the menu where you can start your tracking and also scroll through the previous readings. It tells you the duration you worked out for, your heart rate, calories burned and how long you were in zone for. The inzone feature is what your heart rate should be between when working out. If your drop below or go above it bleeps at you to tell you.

This watch has really helped me when working out, and if your do a lot of home workouts and would like to know how many calories you are burning I would highly recommend this watch.

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