Sunday, 30 March 2014

D.I.Y - Gift Ideas

Happy mothers day!! I hope all you lovely mummy's had a lovely day! I know this is a little late for a mothers day gift idea but I couldn't share it until I gave it to my mum and mother in law as I know they sometimes read my blog and I wanted to make it a little surprise.
I love thoughtful gifts that have been handmade. I saw on a blog at Christmas that someone made all their family cookies and put them in different jars and decorated them all pretty and festive and I thought It was such a lovely idea and knew I wanted to use the idea.
These were a little gift to 'nanny' from Lilly, Lilly loves to bake cookies with me, she helps me mix and roll out the dough then she will use the cookies cutters to cut out the shapes. We bought 101 cookie cutters in a set from amazon ages ago and it comes with all different festive cutters, letters & numbers. We spelt nanny and made some heart shape ones too.

Lilly's favourite part is to help decorate them I make up the icing and she will get a spoon and 'sploge' it on (usually next to) then I put a bowl with all the decorations and she will pick them up individually and 'sprink spink' as she says.

The actually jar itself I picked up in the range for 79p. We wrapped the cookies in tissue paper and put them in the jar and then cut around the edges. The lid of the jar was gold with writing on so I just wrapped it in tissue paper and glued it to the lid (didn't do a good job but hey ho!) I made the label using scrap paper with a butterfly as Lilly is obsessed with them at the moment and thought it was a sweet touch.

This cost me less than £5 to make and I think it was a really nice little gift and we will definitely be making more for other occasions.

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