Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My First Graze Box


I received my first Graze box in the post yesterday and was excited to see what was inside. I have known about Graze for a long time and have always wanted to order one but I wasn't sure if it was going to be just pure nuts but after seeing others graze box's and seeing all the yummy goodies I had to try one for myself.

The box itself is a snacking box filled with four healthy goodies. The idea is that you can have them delivered to work or home and will replace those naughty snacks and stop you hitting the vending machine or reaching for that chocolate.

When you order your box, there's a list of the foods graze provides and you can say which ones you would like to try, which you don't and things you would like them to send soon. This is a really good idea as somethings I would hate to receive and others I really wanted to try.

My first box was really good, and im hoping its not one of those one box wonders to kind of suck you in but only time will tell.

This week I received, healthy popping corn, tutti fruiti, honeycomb flapjacks and smoky gazpacho dip. The pop corn tasted so nice, just like normal sweet popcorn and was the first time I have ever had to 'pop' corn in the microwave. I ate the pop corn straight away. Today me and Lilly had a flapjack each which we both loved, they were so tasty and the little bit of chocolate on top makes the difference. I really wanted the flapjacks as everyone raves about them. I also tried the Gazpacho dip, and oh my it was so good!! I hadn't ever heard of it before but I hope I get this again.

To order a graze box you can do so here and if you use my friend code APRILN4KP you can get your first box free!

Have you tried graze yet? What do you think?


  1. oh goodness, this looks amazing! I still haven't jumped on board for any subscriptions -- preferring to choose how to spend money on each category. But getting pretty snacks sent in the mail sounds pretty lovely ♡

    1. This is my first snack kind of box and I would recommend it x

  2. I love graze. I first started getting them in the first trimester of my pregnancy when I was really hungry and needed a quick snack at work. Some of my favourites are the flapjacks, brownie, the pizza one ( I can't remember its name, toffee apple ) and chili and lime pistachios.

    1. The flap jacks were so yummy and the brownie sounds good too! I hope I get that one soon xx