Friday, 11 April 2014

A Walk In The Park...

The sun was shining today and it is starting to feel a little warmer which means its perfect for getting outdoors. I love going for family walks and taking Lilly to feed the ducks. We are lucky where we live to be surrounded by lakes and country parks where there are always lots of wildlife and new areas to explore. I'm trying to take more pictures of our little adventures and share them on here.

Lilly loves to pick daisy's. We are constantly stopping to the sound of a little voice saying 'daisy daisy' and having to pick one from every bunch for her, We came across to beautiful swans who we fed some bread to. These two swans were so calm and were reaching to get the bread out of our hands. I haven't ever really been so close to a swan I could nearly touch it but how beautiful and big are they?!

My two boys are in need of a good groom but I love this photo of rocky, he looks like he is smiling haha!


  1. Aw what a lovely day! I love her little headband :) x

  2. love!