Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Hi everyone. I wanted to start a Weight I ate Wednesday series on my blog. I really like seeing these on other blogs and as im trying to eat better I thought id share with you guys.
For breakfast today I had porridge with semi skimmed milk and a couple of raspberries and strawberries on top. Im not the biggest fan of any berries but I know they are good for me and im really trying to change my taste buds and mixing them with porridge seems to help.


Lunch I usually always eat the same thing and I get stuck in a rut. I have been trying to eat different things for lunch and choosing more healthier options. I had a Warburton's thin with 1 slice of wafer thin cooked ham, some lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes. Also for a little snack I had a hand full of grapes.


Dinner was a bit of a nightmare. I tried a new recipe for garlic butterflied chicken. I ordered polenta from Tesco but they sent me the normal polenta not the dried stuff so it doesn't look the best but it still tasted ok. It was basically polenta, garlic and mixed herbs on chicken with a salad.

For snacks I had some quavers and a slice of brownie I made yesterday in my previous post,

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  1. This all looks delicious!
    On another note, I adore that heart shaped bowl

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Haha Im all for heart shaped bowls x