Sunday, 6 April 2014

What's On My Iphone - Toddler App's

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some of the apps on my iPhone Lilly is currently loving. I'm always looking for new apps for her and really like reading these. Now I know that there is mixed opinions on toddlers/children playing with technology and there are a lot of mums who are against it. I'm not against letting Lilly play on my phone or tab, granted I don't let her constantly play on them and her time is limited however in certain situations toddler apps have really come in handy and saved me from a mummy melt down!

Most of the apps on my phone or tab are educational apps. Lilly is a very independent girl, she hates being sat still and is constantly wanting to run around. This makes it very hard to go out for meals or even on long car journeys. I let Lilly play on my phone if we are out and she starts to get bored and a little restless or if we are on long car journeys.

My favourite apps are the fisher price apps. They are all educational and Lilly loves the puppy. The app Puppy play is basically all the fisher price apps in one and you can make little play lists. Another of Lilly's Favourite is elmo calls, I think this was 69p and its like face time but to elmo and they can see themselves in the bottom corner, Lilly loves to call elmo and knows how to answer the phone to him when he calls.

Itot is basically flash cards. I love flash cards, I have used them for a long time with Lilly and they really helped her learn words, her animals, letters shapes etc so when I found a app on my phone for it I was really pleased. Itot is the app I would recommend to everyone. Its a free app and has animals, food and things. It comes up like a flash card with the word at the top and then a picture and when you tap it says the word.

If your have a child that loves Micky mouse club house you need to download Appisodes. Its basically a episode of Micky mouse clubhouse but they have to do little tasks throughout.

Lilly's top 10 Apps
Puppy play
Elmo calls
Itot cards
Elmo monster maker
Animal sounds
Color drops
Farm Sounds
Counting 123
All of these apps can be found on the app store and I'm pretty sure most of them are free.
If you have a post on your childs favourite apps please link it below as Im always looking for new ones.
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  1. Replies
    1. They are great, vinny will love them :) x

  2. Great post! I`m definitely downloading Elmo Calls for my little guy!


    1. Its a great Little app, Lilly was scared of elmo at first but now she loves him x