Monday, 10 February 2014

Lillys First time Painting

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Me and my little bug have had a cold/flu type thing all week and i have been wanting to do some valentines crafts with Lilly for a while and thought it was a fun activity to do.

I went to tesco on Friday and picked up some little inexpensive craft supplies. The paints are washable so i wasn't too worried about getting them everywhere but i still put lilly in some old clothes just in case. For ease i popped Lilly in her highchair.

Lilly's favourite thing to do is colour, she loves colouring so i thought the same about painting but i was wrong. We tried finger painting to start with and it didn't go down to well, Lilly has a thing about having stuff on her hands, she hates it and seems really ocd about it so when she saw the paint on her hands she went into a crying fit. Me and Lilly's daddy tried to show her what to do and that its OK to have paint on your hands and she started to get into it a bit more but only for a while. My plan was to do some hand prints in paint to make flowers etc but we will try that another day.

Lilly loved the paint brush and the little sponge roller in the set we picked up from tesco so i rolled some pva glue on her hands to make the glitter hand print heart, she was OK with the glue but kept putting her hand into a fist so we kinda got some hand prints haha!

Her favourite thing was to use the sponges to print the face on the paper, I'm going to try using the toilet roll into a heart, or cookie cutters with her next time as that seemed to be Lilly's favourite thing to do.

How did your little ones like finger painting at first?

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