Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Weight loss Wednesday - Introduction

I was looking through blogger and came across a post the lovely Emma from Beauty by emma who had written a post with the heading "weight loss Wednesday" As im always on a "diet" and im finding it so hard to loose my last bit of weight i was intrigued to read the post.

Weight loss Wednesday was a great idea started by Jenn over at Barelythebeauty  which is a weight loss group for bloggers. Each Wednesday you write a post about your weight loss, motivation,exercise recipes etc and also come together on a thursday at 8pm on twitter for the #bloggerswlw chat.

After having my first baby i have really struggled to loose the excess weight i piled on. A few weeks after i gave birth i weighed myself to see i had put on 4stone and with  my c-section and other health issues after birth i couldn't exercise and carried on eating unhealthy foods because it was quicker and easier for me at the time. Between July-December 2012 the "babyweight" starting to naturally fall off but i was still left with the excess weight i had gained and i decided to join weight watchers in February 2013 and lost 20pounds in 8 weeks. I then fell off the band waggon, stopped exercising, tried various fad diets but  i have been stuck at the SAME weight for nearly a year and i just want to feel comfortable about myself again and loose another 16pounds to be at the weight i want to be.

I have already started making healthy food options and i know the best way for me to loose weight is to exercise and im going to be doing home dvds and outdoor things to help shift this weight which i will be writing posts about.

Im hoping putting this out there on this blog will help keep me motivated and if anyone else is doing this and has any helpful post please link them below or follow me on twitter @lillyandme12 as i could use the motivation ;)

To read more about weight loss wednesday click THIS link

See you next wednesday xx

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  1. I’m the same and it’s the baby weight that i’m trying to loose but if you lost that much with weight watchers then you know you can do it! Stick to it - we’re all here to support one another!