Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Weight Watchers VS Slimming World

Hey! Hows everyone doing with their weight loss this week? I slipped up on the weekend and had a KFC and lots of chocolate... oops!!

I have been thinking about re-joining weight watchers for a while but i wanted to see if i could do it with out the point system and just eating healthy for a while, but i find it alot easier to follow a 'system'. As i said in a previous post, last year i lost alot of my baby weight with weight watchers and for me it worked until i gave up.

Since stopping weight watchers i have stuck to the same weight, probably fluctuating a few pounds up and down but im still stuck at the same weight which is super annoying as its not a weight i like. I have tried various 'diets' since giving birth, weight watchers, slimming world, shakes and juicing.

Today i want to share my experience with both weight watchers and slimming world and why i prefer weight watchers and why it works for me.

I decided to try slimming world a couple of months before Christmas, i see so many success stories on my instagram feed and i have a friend that lost a ton of weight on it. Slimming world works with a 'Syn' system and then you have a list of free foods and super free food which you can eat as much as you like (within reason). Also you have a hex a & b which you can have one of every day like a certain amount of cheese, whole wheat bread etc. When i first signed up for it i thought it was either super complicated and i didn't understand it or it was so easy i thought there had to be more to it. Slimming world is actually very simple, you fill your plate with free-super free foods and can use your syn limit (which i think mine was 15) on treats or save them for the weekend.

My issue with slimming world was i was actually gaining weight not loosing it. This was so frustrating to me and i didn't know why but i think its because the free foods like, new potatoes, salad chicken, PASTA! are foods i love and because they were 'free' id fill my plate and eat them when i wanted to. Also they say eat when ever your hungry, i ate alot of ham and fat free super noodles (which i think were free 8points on WW) thinking it was fine. This just didn't work for me i found it confusing as to why i could eat as much pasta and potatoes as i liked and still loose weight. after a month of trying and i lost a pound here and there then gained it i gave up.

Weight watchers until they recently bought out simple start, is done using a pro point system. You have a allowance each day (mines 27) and then a weekly allowance which can be used for those days you go over, or at the weekend for meals out (similar to syns on slimming world) Weight watchers is so simple i have the app and i put in my food after each meal and it takes the points off your daily allowance. I love the point system because its so simple to follow and i find myself making better choices or having smaller portions so i don't go over. I like to plan my meals each week working out the points each day so i don't go over and leave enough so i can have a little snack in the day and i save my weekly points for a little treat at the weekend or a glass of wine ;) I also like weight watchers have their own food and snack in shops, and alot of foods have the PP's on the back so its easy to keep track. Slimming worlds app i found confusing where as weight watchers is really simple and looks good. Both slimming world and Weight watchers have recipes on their websites so its easy to find foods to eat.

I think to succeed in any diet is finding the rite one that suits you and your lifestyle. Some people love slimming world and WW didn't work for them and vise versa. For me im a Weight watchers lover and im glad to be back on the plan and hopefully getting closer to my goal weight.

Have you tried weight watchers or slimming world? Which did you prefer?

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