Thursday, 13 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - My Favorite Low calorie recipe books

Hi everyone, i know its Thursday but i didn't get time to post yesterdays weight loss Wednesday so I'm posting it today :) I don't know how but i guess by making healthier options at dinner i managed to loose 3lbs last week whoo!

The thing i always struggle with when trying to diet, or eat healthy is trying to figure out what to eat. If i cant find a simple healthy recipe on line i quickly turn to junk food or unhealthy quick foods, which is not the best idea. I started to buy some great low calorie cookbooks over the past couple of months and each week before i do my weekly shop i look through my favourite books and plan my meals for the week, not only does this help me stay on track it also helps save money.

Cheesecake from the "weight watchers simply satisfying book"

My favourite book at the moment is the weight watchers simply satisfying cook book. I picked this up in tesco and it has loads of delicious recipes that are great for the whole family. It also has some great desert recipes. If I'm stuck for time i turn to "greedy girls diet" as this has recipes from quick 10min -30+ minuets. The greedy girls diet book is great for healthy fast food options.

The clean and lean diet is really good, i bought this last year and it has some great recipes in it. I use this when I'm being really good and I'm feeling motivated. This book also has a diet plan for you as a guide which is really helpful.

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  1. Love the Hairy Dieters Cook Book, I use it everyday xx