Sunday, 23 February 2014

What's In Lilly's Toddler Bag

Hey everyone! A few months ago i did a whats in my change bag post where i showed what i carried when Lilly was a baby, now she is a bit older and closer to a toddler what i carry is different. I loved my pink lining change bag but it was very obviously a change bag and i did always want my handbag back. With baby number two i will definitely be buying a change bag which looks Little bit more like a handbag so if on the rare occasion i go out on my own i don't have to keep switching bags etc.

Now Lilly is a toddler and i have to carry less i was on the look out for a toddler bag and came across this bag on ebay. They have lots of different animal designs for both boys and girls. We decided to go for the pink mouse but there was also a lady bird and rabbit one that looked super cute. This bag was £7.89 i believe and for a small bag it really holds alot and is easy to carry by the handle or throw over my shoulder and hook onto the pushchair. Lilly doesn't wear this as a backpack as its too heavy.

What i carry varies from where were going, how long were out for etc but this is usually how it looks so i have the essentials should we decided to go for a meal or we are out for a long time i have all the necessities.

The bag has a large front pocket which i keep little things in there and usually my phone and keys if i don't have a bag. I also have some snacks that are easy to access quickly, a hair brush and clip because Lilly's hair is a little wild and need to be tamed from time to time. I keep a mini bath wash in there just in case we are at a family/friends house and Lilly gets in a mess or has accident and needs a bath, because she has sensitive skin i can just use anything on her so i keep that just in case (it has happened in the past)

In the larger pocket im surprised how much i can fit in there, i also usually can put my purse in there. I keep the essentials in her, nappies, wipes, bags, a spare pare of leggings and some mittens in case her hands get cold. I always have a drink in the side pocket and a fruit shoot just in case we run out and Lilly wants a drink. Anyone that does baby led weaning or there little ones throw the plates on the floor will know how annoying it can be in those high chairs that slide under the table, so i came across these disposable place mats that stick to the table.

For entertainment i always take some crayons and Lilly's Innotab. The Innotab is a little too old for Lilly but there is a colouring game on there she likes to play.

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  1. Wow what a well organized toddler bag :) I really must take some notes x